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Child custody with alcoholic father

From: mother in need
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Date: 16 Jun 2004
Time: 10:47:22
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I am fighting with my ex boyfriend over visitations with my 13 month old son. He is an alcoholic. I lived with him for 4 years and left when my son was 9 months old. He has a daughter that is 6 that he never sees. He abusive as well. Hs brother is a member of the police force where he lives. He had 3 OWIs prior to his brother becoming a cop (over 7 years ago) and none since. He does not get picked up for anything and everyone around knows that if he is driving after noon, he has been drinking. He had an alcohol evaluation done becuase his attorney recommened it and it came back as not recoomending any treatment. They are claiming that he no longer has a drinking problem. I have a no contact order against him. He has violated it twice in the 3 months that I have had it. The second time he called me drunk at work. I did not have any way of recording a call at work, but I have since figured it out. I am concerned for my son's safety. My ex has tried to kill himself twice. He currently has supervised 4 hour every other week visitations (they are supervised by his brother because the judge said that since he is a cop he would be responsible) After my hearing for the first violation, my ex informed me when he violated the 2nd time that his brother had talked to the judge and that the judge promised him more visitation. The judge is from the same town as my ex's family. I need an kind of advise that someone can give me!!!

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