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Stepfathers Rights

From: Needing Advice
Date: 20 Aug 2002
Time: 19:53:45
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My wife and I are seperated right now and I'm preparing to file for divorce, but I need to know what my rights are with my children that I have raised for 10 years(now 12 and 10). We also have two children together (4 and 9). It has been a rocky seperation (a woman scorned), but has become amicable lately. After we seperated she contacted the father of the oldest child - so adoption is out of the picture there. we have agreed on joint custody but it is my understanding that this only pertains to my biological children. I currently carry medical coverage for all 4 children along with paying total daycare for the youngest. I tried to register my oldest in school but was denied because I have no legal documentation giving me that responsibility. Now his mother has to go in, just to state that she is his mother and initial all the forms that I had filled out. Is there some legal right for step-parents in these situations?

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