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Theresa Cross Knorr

From: Tami
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Date: 05 Apr 2004
Time: 06:51:45
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Theresa Cross Knorr 10/18/02 Update thanks to Robert Jones and Lt. Fitzgerald: Theresa Knorr pled guilty to two counts of murder and received two life sentences. She is presently at the State Prison for Women in Chow Chilla, Calif. She pled guilty in exchange for her sons not being prosecuted. The District Attorney agreed to this as he did not believe he would receive guilty verdicts against the sons since they were also victims of child abuse by their mother. Robert is currently in prison in Nevada for a robbery/murder that occurred in Las Vegas. William lives in Sacramento. And you thought your mother was a pain. Theresa Cross Knorr gave two of her daughters not only horrific pain, but death. It started when Knorr was 18 and married to Clifford Sanders, living with him, their son Howard, and her father James Cross. In front of the infant Howard, Knorr shot and killed Sanders with a deer rifle, apparently after he had threatened to leave. She was found not guilty on the charge of first-degree murder, as the jury was hesitant to leave Knorr's children to grow up without a mother. Knorr's visible pregancy during the trial no doubt helped her secure the verdict. The child was Sheila Sanders, Knorr's first daughter. The second, Suesan Knorr, was fathered by Theresa Cross's abusive second husband. After two more sons and another daughter, all fathered by Robert Knorr, followed by a divorce from Knorr and two additional unsuccessful marriages, Theresa Knorr claimed her second victim: Suesan. Knorr shot the girl in the chest, apparently not with the direct intention of killing her, but neither was it an accident. Knorr did not take Suesan to the hospital, electing instead to remove the bullet herself and let her daughter recover at home. When Suesan's condition seemed to be headed toward death rather than miraculous improvement, Knorr drove her to an isolated mountain spot and burned her alive. A year later, with Suesan gone, her sister Sheila became the primary target of Knorr's rage. Sheila was beaten unconscious, locked in a storage closet, and left there with no food or water until she died three days later. The remaining sister and youngest child, Theresa (called Terry), was abused physically and sexually by her half-brothers but managed to avoid the fate of Suesan and Sheila. She was the source of information on Knorr's crimes for the police, having witnessed all of her mother's fatal torture of Suesan and Sheila. This case and others like it are a striking argument against the presence of a maternal instinct in all women; Theresa Knorr felt nothing but envy and hate for her attractive daughters. Like Snow White's evil stepmother, Knorr could not tolerate having women around who were younger and more beautiful than she, and the fact that they were her daughters made no difference. http://strangerbox.topcities.com/killers4.html

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